PROCEED info day and 3rd National Workshop

Published 15 November 2012      
19-20 October 2012, Skopje Macedonia

The Foundation for Management and Industrial Research organized the 3rd National workshop of the PROCEED project in the scope of the largest national fair on eco-innovation and environmental technologies – ECONOVA 2012 (19-20 October 2012). This event is organized in the scope of the largest technology fair in Macedonia – TEHNOMA 2012. Researchers both from public and private sector had a chance to find out more about PROCEED project and tools that are available for them.

On 19th October PROCEED had an info stand which was used for wider promotion of the PROCEED project and presentation of all relevant information in direct contacts with companies, researchers, organizations and other guests on the fair. The goal was to raise awareness and provide additional information and access to PROCEED tools. Alongside with distribution of promotion materials and meetings, presence of researchers that are already using PROCEED services was used as added value and excellent opportunity to announce next day event.

On 20th October, Foundation for Management and Industrial Research organised the workshop entitled as “Eco-innovation, environmental research and PROCEED project”. In particular, following topics have been covered:

  • Eco-innovations: definition, market opportunities, from idea to business (I2B) and challenges.
  • Presentation of PROCEED project
  • Supporting eco-innovation: partner search, IPR issues, and role and support tools of EEN & PROCEED.
  • Collection of ideas for research and proposing future steps.

Workshop in synergy with ECONOVA 2012 was an excellent chance for representatives of regional policy makers, from enterprises and researchers from public institutions to learn more about the PROCEED project and tools for further dissemination of environmental research results in Europe.

14 November 2012
Prepared by: Mile Sosevski, Foundation for Management and Industrial Research

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