Public consultation on "Bio-based industries, towards a public-private partnership under Horizon 2020?"

Published 12 November 2012      
The EU's future framework program for research and innovation, Horizon 2020, aims to build technological and sustainability leadership as a lever for industrial competitiveness on a global scale. In addition to delivering excellence in research and technology development, the aim is to deliver real innovation and to promote its deployment on a large scale.

Under FP7, the EU's currently ongoing seventh Framework Programme for Research, certain sectors pioneered the use of public-private partnerships (PPP), as a novel means to manage and implement EU Research Programmes. In the context of a PPP, both private and public sector contribute resources to support research and innovation activities, based on multi-annual research agendas.

Examples of PPPs operating under FP7 include: European Green Cars Initiative, Factories of the
Future, Innovative Medicines Initiative, Clean Sky, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen. The continued use ofpublic-private partnerships is explicitly provided for under Horizon 2020.

A large group of stakeholders from the bio-based industries has shown strong interest in the creation of a new PPP in the area of bio-based industries and has expressed a commitment to contribute to its activities. The Commission is considering supporting a PPP in the area of bio-based industries, addressing specific parts of Horizon 2020 : "Sustainable and competitive bio-based industries" and
"Alternative fuels and mobile energy sources".

In light of the above, an open stakeholder consultation is being launched with a view to soliciting comments and collecting inputs from stakeholders. This input will be used to assess and shape this potential initiative.



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