ECO EXPO 2012 WP3 – National workshop

Published 10 February 2012      
Start Date: Mar 01 2012
End Date: Mar 01 2012
Location: Belgrade, Serbia

The main goal is raising awareness of environment protection and its popularization in Serbia, as well as pointing out the problems with bureaucracy while implementing a project, inspire domestic manufacturers, innovators and set this industrial branch forward.

In cooperation with PKS, we will organize panel discussions in order to exchange ideas, initiatives and technologies. With free admission, the visitors will be able to see examples of good practice in Serbia and other countries, interesting examples of ecological transport, displays like wind aggregates, electric cars, electric bicycles etc.

The first Eco Expo & Conference is divided into the following theme parts:

  1. Strategy, education and international cooperation
  2. Domestic and foreign environment protection projects and management of natural resources
  3. Regional examples of good practice in solving environment protection
  4. Financial aspects, legal and administrative scope
  5. Companies from the areas with renewable energy resources and green technologies

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